Really interesting article about one of the most prolific writers in Spanish language. If you are learning Spanish, don’t forget to try reading some of his books!

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Mario Benedetti (14 Sep 1920 – 17 May 2009), the prolific Uruguayan writer, one of the most influential exponents of Latin American literature, is back! The Uruguayan Universidad de la República is in the process of printing three volumes containing a compilation of articles published by Mario Benedetti in the Uruguayan press: Marginalia, Número, Marcha and Asir y La Mañana. The collection of articles entitled: Sobre literatura, cine, artes escénicas y visuales, 1948 to 1965 will be available in Spanish by the end of this year.

Vuelvo / Quiero creer que estoy volviendo. Mario Benedetti - I return / I want to believe I am returning - Mario Benedetti - Graffiti Graffito  with fragment of the poem Vuelvo: I return, I want to believe I am returning – Mario Benedetti.

Some mornings I wake up full of ideas. When it happens I wish I was a human octopus so I can quickly write them all down as fast as I can before they vanish into thin air. Today I woke up with lots…

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