8 Very Useful Blogs you should follow if you want to learn Spanish

Language learning is not an easy task to do and requires a lot of effort, hard work, passion and resources. If you have a lot of passion but haven’t got good resources, then the effort is in vain.

Therefore we have selected a very useful list of what we think are the current Top Blogs for learning Spanish. Pin the following sites to your favourites because, if you are really interested in improving your Spanish, you will be using them very often.

1. My Spanish Adventure

My Spanish Adventure is a blog written by adventurous Will Peach, who left his 9-5 London lifestyle to learn Spanish to fluency and figure out what to see in Spain while living on the cheap. In the blog you can find tips about learning Spanish as well s post about Spanish culture, food, lifestyle, etc.

My spanish Adventure Blog

2. Spanish Skulduggery

One of the best Spanish blogs on tumblr. La Dragonaria, as she calls herself, is a clever and enthusiastic Spanish language lover. In her blog she posts tons of really informative content about the Spanish language, its heritage, rules and tips with wonderful and detailed explanations. A really useful resource if you are interested in knowing the depths of the Spanish language!

3. Speaking Latino

Speaking Latino focuses on the Spanish spoken in South America, so you if you are interested in learning “Latino Spanish”, this is the blog to follow. The site is full of resources about the language and specially about how slangis used in the different Spanish speaking countries. If you want to learn how to use cojones! check Speaking Latino right now!

4. Notes in Spanish

Notes in Spanish is a website offering audio lessons but they also have a lively blog where you can find information about Spanish and Spain. The website is made by a couple (English guy and Spanish girl) and they make the lessons in a casual way with a funny touch and friendly conversations.

5. Spanish Boone

Spanish Boone is another great Spanish tumblr blog. Many people ignore the quantity and quality of information and help they can find on social sites as tumblr. Boone, the average hombre, as he describes himself curates a great blog where you can find vocabulary, in-depth explanations, all grammar points and topics, Spanish learning resources, and basically anything that might involve the language. And he absolutely loves helping people! So, don’t be shy and visit him and ask if you need.

6. How to Learn Spanish

In How to Learn Spanish, Andrew will show you how to learn Spanish using his method “The Telenovela method”, using books, comics, videos, music, etc. This language geek knows what he is talking about and refuses to learn any language using the traditional method of memorizing hundreds of words and proposes a different approach.

7. Always Spanish

This blog contains hundreds of posts on vocabulary, movies, street language, tip, tricks and more. The blog is written by Amit who is “obsessed with languages in more ways than one and who didn’t know any, other than English, until he turned 23.”

8. And last but not least, Spanish at About.com, a really great resource who many might ignore, but that it’s full of useful information on grammar, pronunciation, history and culture. Curated by Gerald Erichsen a professional and expert in the Spanish language.

We recommend using these resources to get an insight into the Spanish culture, vocabulary, improve your listening skills and grammar. It’s possible to learn Spanish on your own following blogs, reading books and doing language exchange for example, but we highly advise you to try to get help from a professional tutor as well. An experienced tutor can help you improve the areas where you are weaker as well as encourage you through the process of learning a new language.

You can check our native and professional Spanish tutors, we offer a free 30 min trial lesson, so why not try and see how it goes?

We hope you enjoyed the list! Do you know any other useful blogs that would like to recommend? We would love to hear!

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